Hi! I'm River :)

River Runs Wild was created out of a need for me to have a safe and open place to explore things I'm passionate about. As a professional designer, I felt a lack of personal creative expression in my life. The blog was started as a place to come back to when I had the desire to create original content. 

What you'll find here


In March of 2016 I came to a clarity about my gender identity. I was able to draw a thread throughout my life and realized that this common thread had been present since I was a young child. After doing some experimentation and trying out new forms of expression, I soon came to the conclusion that I wanted to transition and be out about my identity. During this process, I found several trans people sharing their stories on social media. Those people who shared their stories gave me an education, a support system, a mirror, and virtual courage. When I started my gender transition, I knew I wanted to document it and be out about my experience. This blog is a place for me to document things, but also a way to put my experiences out there for others and inspire.


Since starting River Runs Wild, the positive support has blown me away. This response has fueled me to keep doing what I set out to do... provide honest content from a place of authenticity. My goal is to keep providing free resources and content that inspires. The area that will grow the most on this site are posts on fitness, bodybuilding, wellness, and nutrition. I believe strongly in these areas for their ability to transform someone's life and I hope to inspire people to take on positive changes in their lives.

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To all of those out there that share honestly and work to better themselves, I salute you.

Thanks for stopping by,