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When we embark on a new journey... it often first starts with a trip within ourselves. The process can be terrifying. We break down our coping mechanisms, release our anger, face our fears, let our demons out... all in a quest to authenticity and to strive for a better sense of self. Self discovery is vital in order to push ourselves to greater heights. I believe that this quest is worth all costs. If your soul is calling you to seek different routes, try different things, and explore who you really are... don't deny it, run to it. It's not all fun though, often it's scarier than anything else. So, embark fearlessly but in full acknowledgment that your fear is there... you're just facing it.

River Runs Wild merchandise is available through a pop up shop on TeeSpring. TeeSpring is a great solution for the time being because I can offer a wide variety of designs, products, styles, and colors to people for an affordable price without having to purchase inventory. I can also ship these items internationally, so they are available to anyone!


There is a fascination with chasing money that is starting to crumble. Our success is often based on our job or how much money we make. If you go into a store for youth, you'll see shirts that say "RICH" or "NEW MONEY". The chances of becoming rich these days are there... but it is like believing that if you buy a lottery ticket you'll automatically win. This design aims to poke at the idea of being "poor" as something to be proud of. You don't have to be at poverty level to be on the other side of "well off". So many of us are in debt... chasing the "American Dream" and believing it will happen. But what if we just embrace having less money and seeking more wisdom? That's a powerful concept...

If all goes well, I plan to build this into a brand that can have a positive impact through giving back to the communities that I am passionate about. 2017 is all about getting to a better place mentally and physically, but 2018 is about giving back. I hope to be giving back to the beautiful LGBTQ that has given me so much love and support.

Check out the online store and see if there's anything that speaks to you! If you do purchase anything from River Runs Wild, please tag me in a photo of it so that I can share and see my designs out in the world.

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