Can I See Your ID? - Verbal Harassment and Updating ID During Transition

I have been fortunate to have experienced one bad incident regarding my ID, but many people struggle with this situation on a regular basis. For me, my ID caused me a lot of discomfort early in my transition. I wish I would have updated it sooner to ease my mind.

In the video I discuss the time that I was verbally harassed regarding my ID and my gender identity. I also go over the 4 IDs that I’ve had during transition and why/what I updated each time. I touch on what elements you can change on your ID (picture, legal name, and gender marker) and go over the process in the United States (specifically Wisconsin).

I end the video by talking about precautions to take during conversations and what to do if you find yourself in an escalating encounter.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my journey. Thank you for watching and all the support!

These videos are a part of my blog, River Runs Wild. This series, Endowed, documents my gender transition and experiences.

Please note that this is meant to share my experience, none of the content is meant to be taken as hard medical facts or advice. Please consult with a doctor regarding any hormone replacement therapy questions.

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