12 Week Beginner Bulk Program - Complete Program

12 Week Beginner Bulk Program - Complete Program



Are you ready to start building muscle and changing your body, but don’t know how to develop a consistent plan? This program is for you!

The 12 Week Beginner Bulk Program was developed to help teach people how to train consistently and make gradual gains that lead to long term muscle growth, strength, and quality.

The Complete Program includes:

  • Guide Book to help you understand the program

  • Charts to help you set up, track, and evaluate

  • All 12 weeks of Workouts

The PDF eBook totals over 130 pages of content and contains all the information you need to get started and help you along during your 12 weeks of training.

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Based on Results

The methods in the program are what have allowed me to gain over 50lbs in less than 2 years while staying at relatively the same body fat percentage. Following the program, you can expect to make gains in muscle mass and strength that are at consistent and even intervals. This ensures that you are gaining healthy weight and lean mass.

Program Preview

Program Details

Who is this program for: The 12 Week Beginner Bulk is for anyone who want to learn how to put on muscle and size. It is specifically designed for someone who has never done a training program before or tracked their nutrition.

What the program includes: Goal setting tools, how to document your progress, how to adjust your training and nutrition to keep growing, how to set up macros and track them, how to train, 12 week evaluation, ALL workouts, and more.

What you can expect to achieve: If you follow the program training and nutrition, you can expect to have gained 1-1.5 per week at the end of 12 weeks. Within that time you will have developed consistency, dedication, an understanding of compound and isolation exercises, how to properly fatigue your muscles, adjust macros, set goals, and more!

What equipment you’ll need: This plan is best followed with access to a gym that has free barbells or a smith rack, dumbbells, cables, and machines. If you do not have access to some of those things, not to worry! I have a full list of substitute exercises to help you.

How to download: Once you purchase, you will be given a download link that lasts 24 hours. Please download and save to you computer, tablet, phone, drive, etc. If you have any issues downloading, please contact me and I will email you the program.

How to open: The eBook can be viewed in Acrobat. Acrobat is available for free download through the App Store. Most web browsers and computers come equipped with Acrobat. Most phones, tablets, and computers come equipped with some type of reader, but Acrobat is recommended.

How to use: Click through the eBook quickly using the interactive table of contents provided for each section of the program. There are also several links to help quickly navigate the eBook, these are shown in blue.


Feel free to contact me.


I am not a certified personal trainer (at this time). This program was developed using my personal research and application of these methods. I have used these methods in building my physique and putting on muscle mass. These methods are based on some of the top bodybuilders and nutrition experts advice, books, and programs. I am an advocate for personal growth and development through training.

This program was developed out of one of the most common questions that I receive, “How to I start putting on muscle”? I wanted to put out a program that answered that question, but also one that helped others understand how to stay consistent in their training and track their progress over time. I believe that tracking and numbers are the key to understanding your own body and adjusting your training to evolve with you over time.

Plus, I just want to help others pack on muscle!

Special shout out to all my trans and gender non-conforming siblings out there. I purposely used images of myself throughout my transition to help show a body in change and a body type that is often misunderstood or underrepresented. Being trans has taught me so much about self understanding and so has bodybuilding. It is my hope to share training as a form of self love and self development to others who may need it the most.