Ask Me Anything - Q&A Video - FTM Transgender

Thanks to everyone who reached out and sent me a question! I had fun filming this one. 

Below is a list of the questions addressed in the video...

2:00 - Have you noticed any correlation in weight lifting closer to your shot days to maximize muscle growth?

3:00 - What kind of obstacles did you find in your daily life of how we must overcome our differences and keep moving forward?

5:00 - How you were able to raise money for the surgery...

8:10 - How long you been in transition?

9:15 - For those of us that were not athletic before T, what are tips for starting gently/safely but focusing on muscle groups that will help with going from curvy body to a goal body that is more masculine?

13:45 - Did you by chance have knots or hard spots form in the tissue after surgery?

15:18 - Do you only have the one tattoo? And do you have more planned?

17:25 - What is one change you were looking forward to the most on T?

19:00 - What was the most surprising/unexpected change you experienced when starting T?

21:05 - What are the biggest side effects trans folks need to know when they start taking T according to your experience? 

23:00 - Were you scared of regretting your top surgery?

25:00 - Who inspired you to be where you are now? and Who’s your biggest inspiration?

30:30 - What has been the most rewarding experience since starting your transition? What has had the most impact on you since?

33:00 - Favorite song at the moment?

34:46 - Who in your family is most supportive with your transition?

35:40 - What was your starting dose of T? Did they start you at a low dose and then higher etc.?

37:35 - Do you see your self dating soon or settling down? Do you want children in the future?

38:40 - Do you plan to do bottom surgery and what is the process for that?

40:43 - As a child were you ever able to picture yourself as an adult?

43:00 - Had you always felt you were born the wrong gender?

46:15 - What reasons convinced you to try and do a plant based diet?

49:20 - When did you realize you were transgender?

51:46 - Looking back at your childhood (now, as an adult, with all the vocab/knowledge) do you see that you were clearly aware, just incapable of bringing your identity to words?

53:50 - Do you date men or women? What is your sexuality identity?

55:15 - What are you using for scar treatment?

56:17 - Where are you from?

56:30 - What do you do for a living?

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Please note that this is meant to share my experience, none of the content is meant to be taken as hard medical facts or advice. Please consult with a doctor regarding any hormone replacement therapy questions.

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