Putting On Size Pre-T and How To Start Bodybuilding - (FTM Fitness)

This video is a long format introduction to how I started my bodybuilding journey and how I put on size/muscle before starting testosterone.

For quick tips from the video instead of the long format version, visit the "Grow (FTM Fitness)" playlist on my Youtube channel.

  • Start-2min: Introduction
  • 2min-7min: Knowledge is Power... how I educated myself prior to starting bodybuilding. Some key resources are Mike Matthews book "Bigger Leaner Stronger" and his website www.muscleforlife.com. I also mention his workout routine guide, "The One Year Challenge".
  • 7min-9min: Defining Your Goals
  • 9min-12min: Form Through Consistency
  • 12min-15min: Supersets are Essential
  • 15min-17min: Compound Movements
  • 17min-20min: Mind Muscle Connection
  • 20min-28min: Nutrition and Macro Tracking
  • 28min-Close: Redefining Your Goals, Motivation

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