2 Months On Testosterone - Video Update

Original Record Date: April 16th, 2017

This video is part of my series "Endowed" which follows me through my first year of gender transition. I am just about 2 months into hormone replacement therapy in this video and wanted to document the physical and mental changes that I have been experiencing along with some life updates.

First part of the video discusses the physical changes that I have recently been experiencing such as more facial hair, body hair, voice change, and muscle mass.

Next, I discuss the mental changes that have been occurring. One of the most important observations has been the experience of crying. I finally cried for the first time since starting HRT and it was different than any previous time before I started T. 

Finally, I finish up with a life update and some unfortunate news. I also talk about how I intend to be honest and candid on my channel. I'd like to work more in the direction of sharing the highs and the lows during my transition.

These videos are a part of my blog, River Runs Wild. This series, Endowed, documents my gender transition and experiences. Please visit the blog for more information and to follow the journey: RiverRunsWild.com

Please note that this is meant to share my experience, none of the content is meant to be taken as hard medical facts or advice. Please consult with a doctor regarding any hormone replacement therapy questions.

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