Combating Stress and Self Doubt

This video is on the topic of stress and how it often causes me to doubt myself. These doubts often lead to self confidence and shame issues. Throughout my journey to my authentic self, I've experienced many bouts of shame, anxiety, depression, and lack of self confidence. There have been some really helpful self care tools that got me through hard times and this video aims to share those.

The video also shares how to combat stress and keep it from getting in your way of self discovery and happiness. I share my tips on using routine as a way to manage anxiety and stress, using superfoods as a source of supplementation, a few books that have been helpful to me, spiritual check ins, and the tarot as a self care tool.


Superfoods from Terrasoul can be found on Amazon at great prices. I recommend Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder and Ashwaghanda powder to combat stress. 

Deepak Chopra's books as a source of spiritual guidance.

Dara Hoffman's book "You and Your Gender Identity" as a workbook on dealing with shame and gender identity.

The tarot as a self care tool. Please visit my blog ( for a post about how to start your tarot practice.

Thanks for watching!

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