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Combating Stress and Self Doubt

This video is on the topic of stress and how it often causes me to doubt myself. These doubts often lead to self confidence and shame issues. Throughout my journey to my authentic self, I've experienced many bouts of shame, anxiety, depression, and lack of self confidence. There have been some really helpful self care tools that got me through hard times and this video aims to share those.

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Tarot as a Self Care Tool

The beauty of the Tarot lies in the relationship that one develops with it over time. There will be readings that are just ok, some will be surprising, and some will be deeply moving. There are times that I have felt an energy connecting with me that was clear and strong.

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Drinking After Sobriety

After ruminating on the decision I knew that I didn't want to drink to alter my state, escape, numb out, or run. I wanted to be able to drink occasionally, end of story. It was the lack of excitement about it that was promising to me. I wasn't itching for a swig. I knew that if I tried it again and it didn't go well, that I could always go back to sobriety. That method would always be there for me as a tool. 

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