3 Months On Testosterone - Video Update

Original record date: May 20th, 2017

This video is part of my transition update series and it marks 3 months on hormone replacement therapy. 

(0min - 10min) - I start the video talking about some of the difficulties that I've been experiencing lately including my dysphoria kicking in after coming out, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and some confidence issues. I want to share both the ups and the downs during my transition, so these topics are important to raise awareness of what some struggles during transition may be.

(10min - 18min) - I follow up on a more positive note with physical changes including more facial hair, voice change, physical body mass, and more. Since starting T, I've put on 16 pounds of muscle mass. It's a huge accomplishment but I also touch on how exhausting all that growing can be.

(18min - Finish) - I finish up the video talking about how grateful I am to have been receiving kind words and positive encouragement from social media communities. Those positive vibes have been really helpful on rough days, so thank you!

These videos are a part of my blog, River Runs Wild. This series, Endowed, documents my gender transition and experiences. Please visit the blog for more information and to follow the journey: riverrunswild.com

Please note that this is meant to share my experience, none of the content is meant to be taken as hard medical facts or advice. Please consult with a doctor regarding any hormone replacement therapy questions.

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