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Anti-Inflammatory Tea for Muscle Repair and Workout Recovery

Try this Anti-Inflammatory Tea to Naturally Decrease Inflammation - Filled with healing properties to help you recover faster and keep crushing workouts.

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Homemade Mask for Scar Care - FTM Top Surgery

I developed this mask after top surgery (double mastectomy) to help my body detoxify, reduce inflammation, minimize redness, decrease puffiness, and do all I can to help minimize the chance of having dark scars on my chest. The ingredients are all chosen for their natural healing properties. The mask is gentle, safe, and easy to make!

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FTM Top Surgery Video Journal - Day of Surgery to 2 Weeks Post Op

This video combines video journal entries that I shot during my first 2 weeks of recovery from top surgery. The video also features before and after photos of my chest throughout this last 10 months on testosterone.

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