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ALL VEGAN - Full Day of Eating - THE BULK EP 10

In the video are 4 all vegan recipes that are great for bulking, healthy eating, or trying to eat more plant based. Each recipe is easy, quick, and require minimal prep.

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Full Day of Eating - Vegan Bulking - A Weekend Vlog

In this Weekend Vlog I show a Full Day of Eating on a Plant Based Bulk, talk about quiet mornings, shovel some snow, and do a chest and triceps workout. It was a full day!

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Full Day of Eating - Vegan Plant Based Bulking

This post shows a typical day of eating for me on my current bulking diet. My current diet is plant based and vegan. No meat and no dairy. My meal plan and macros are based off my goals of putting on 1-1.5 pounds a week of mass (mostly lean mass but fat is inevitable). These calculations are based on weekly weigh ins and my macros are adjusted according to the weight I'm gaining.

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